Friday, December 27, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things (kentuckiana photographer)

This year has been absolutely crazy!  It started out with me being a different photographer...I had a different mindset and process.  Mid year I decided on a name change and complete overhaul on pricing structure and business.  My amazing clients have made that change more than perfect!  I met new people, branched out of my little town, and have even begun to tackle weddings.
Picking a favorite session or even 1 favorite image from a session isn't easy.  These kids and couples and families are all beautiful and I love every image for different reasons.

I love the crazy faces because i'm a mom, and I know that it shows kids as they are.
I love couples kissing, because it's sweet and who doesn't love a little romance?!
I love the big blue, or brown, or green eyes looking through the lens directly at me.
I love the fun spur of the moment images that were unexpected.

I re-branded in August 2013, and while i have loved every moment of my photographic journey, I have finally achieved where I want to be in these last few months.
Thank you to all of the families that have allowed me into your lives.  Allowed me to play with and interact with your kids.  Get to know you.  Hold your precious newborns, and capture the moment you became husband and wife.

I already have plans in the works for 2014 and I can't wait to see you all again!

of course some of my favorites are of my own kids! :) 

Girls are Made of Sweetness and Pearls (Louisville baby photographer)

This next client of mine I met at my favorite hair salon in Louisville.  I have finally gotten comfortable saying that I am a part time stay at home mom, and part time photographer.  It's odd.  I respect the talent and skills of photographers all over the place so much that i didn't want to include myself as one.  I guess it's finally time though?
But anyways...this lovely lady did a fantastic job on my hair, and so when she contacted me to do a 6 month session for her little baby girl, I was so very excited.  You see...I have become a baby boy photographer of late.  It has been the year(s) of the boy so i have had very few girly girls to photograph.  One of my last baby girls, when they arrived for the shoot, they told me that dad didn't like headbands on newborns.  :::gasp::: well there goes 75% of my ideas! (lol) (you know who you are!!)  Well this little mom and baby did NOT disappoint in the girly-ness factor, nor in the sheer beauty and adorbs side either.  Plus, the baby has better shoes than I

Little Man L is growing up (charlestown indiana children's photographer)

I am proud to say that I have photographed this little guy since he was about 12 inches long...give or take...and in utero.  Watching little ones grow up and change through my lens is always a treat so looking back at this guys pics through the years is amazing.  I have a pretty special job to preserve these moments for families all over the area and I don't take it lightly.  This family is a special one and this little guy is absolutely adorable and 150% boy/wild child!  Who has time to look at a camera lens when there is so much to see and discover and get dirty in!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby C and a CAKE (southern indiana family photographer)

Fact: Baby C is adorable
Fact: Baby C's mom makes pretty cakes
Fact: Baby C is not a particular fan of digging into cakes
Fact: It doesn't matter...his cake smash is adorable anyways!

After a small bath and some bundling up we headed out for family photos and this little guy was a trooper on this frigid 30-something degree evening!

Baby J {New Albany Newborn Photographer}

This little man...was overdue.  Well...born early...but overdue for the family ;)
He is the little brother to two big sisters that I'm sure are smitten by his tiny am I! (and you are about to be!) 

I've said it before and I'll say it again...PARENTS...get involved in your newborn's photo shoot!  babies this age need mom and dad right near by so do the solo baby pics, but then get involved and interact with your little won't regret the precious images that come out of it!

Extended Families {Huber's Family Photographer}

I always love when I get to photograph large families and extended families.  Seeing the dynamic between one family unit is always interesting and fun, unique to each one of us!  But seeing the dynamic between extended families is always extra interesting.  This group had a gorgeous location on a FREEING cold day, but we grinned and bared through it and they looked great!  Getting family photos can be stressful, I know...I just did ours.  ARGH! And with a lot of little ones it can seem like more of a headache than it's worth...but I gotta tell's worth it.  It's worth the extra time and consideration to coordinate everybody, it's worth the time getting everyone to one location simultaneously, it's worth the costs and time.  One day our kids will get to look back and see the pics of everyone all together, and have a new appreciation for it.  I wish my family had done it!  So next time you coordinate your own family pictures, consider getting everyone else in on it too!

I think we can ALL relate to this side of the family dynamic  ;)