Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Tale of Red Riding Hood (Southern Indiana Photographer)

     Today I am bringing you a tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  Probably the cutest Red Riding Hood that you ever did see.  Also, the nicest wolf.  ;)
     This is the type of session that I live for...the type of session where a story is told, or even re-told.  A creative interpretation of something that is familiar to us all.  Nobody would look at these images and not know exactly what the back story is, and yet, they are still captivating.  Fairy tales entertain everyone, young and old, and that is why I love to re-create and capture them.  So I give you, Little Miss Molly as Red Riding Hood.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

BLACK FRIDAY Special (kentuckiana photographer)

SALE HAS ENDED...check back next year! :)

It's that fabulous time of year.  It's officially time to sit down and celebrate with family, to exchange gifts and sit around the fire with coffee and cookies and chocolate.  It's the Christmas season...which also brings us the pleasure of BLACK FRIDAY!  Rather than offer mini sessions at certain times during the year where everyone has to coordinate at a specific time and location that I decide upon, I have created an annual sale where you get to make your OWN mini session.  My slow season, is your win!  So gift it or use it yourself.  Get updated family pictures, or photos of your baby, a mommy and me session, a daddy and me session, a session because you just got engaged, or a session JUST because it's been a while.  Get in on this deal while you can, it's only available for ONE week!

Q: Can I use this for any type of session I want?  
A: While most any type of session can be done with this special, it is not advised to be used for newborn sessions as they can be unpredictable and not fit within the 45min time limit.

Q: What if I forget or can't get my session scheduled before it expires?

A: No worries!  Your $125 is considered a deposit towards a full price session and can be used towards such at a later date!

Q: Are my downloadable images suitable for printing?

A: YES! They are full resolution and able to printed at just about any size you want!  (please contact me if you plan to use it for an advertising billboard)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

J+J family session ( Southern Indiana family photographer)

This little BIG family, we have known for quite a few years.  In fact...they only had one kid back then and we had none.  Miss J shares a love of photography and prefers the laid back 'don't pose me' approach, which I LOVE.  It's really hard to not want to be posed when you are in front of a camera.  Our nature tells us to smile and look at the camera.  Someone telling us to 'act natural' doesn't come naturally.  It's a constant struggle to get comfortable with clients and capture the real moments.  They usually come along about 20 mins into a session when I am no longer a stranger, when the children are comfortable in their surroundings, when mom and dad have given up on getting all the kids to simultaneously smile perfectly at the photographer.  Honestly...when those walls come down, are when the best images are taken.  I can actually see the wall come down when I'm editing.  I can mark the point at which everyone gets comfortable and allows things to just unfold and happen.  Then I can truly do my job and photograph the natural smiles, the playing children, the warm embraces, the loving glances.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with posed images, in fact they almost HAVE to happen in order to reach the next stage.  So with that, I'll step off my soapbox and show you what happens when we relax and let be!

cue token posed family shot....

ok now let's have some fun!

 the boys were absolutely fascinated by all of the airplanes...thus...this shot...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Logan+Alli Married ( Evansville wedding photographer )

Logan and Alli are my first 'exotic destination' couple.  If you are in the Kentuckiana area and ever looking for a vacation destination...look no further than Evansville, IN.  :)  No but really...this couple is so sweet and was willing to work with the 2 hour distance between us to let me photograph both their engagement, and wedding.  They were a lot of fun to work with and throw one heck of a party.  (Alli is obviously the bigger dancer between the two though.) I always love when I am able to spend an entire day with a couple, from start to finish, hair and make-up to last dances.  Thank you for inviting me into your most special day.  Allowing me to see you at your most memorable moments and capture them.  I hope you love and share your images for many generations to come!
(special shout out to my second shooter, Nicole LaFever!  You rock!)