Friday, July 29, 2016

Mr. & Mrs. B ( Southern Indiana Wedding Photographer )

This wedding took place in a small church in a small town in Indiana.  The reception was in an old renovated city building in another small town.  I do so love the small town weddings that are fully loaded with details, dripping with beautiful vibrant wild flowers, and include two laid back relaxed people saying yes to forever.  I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking now...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Wedding Day Tips: Prep Space ( Ellijay, GA wedding photographer )

As a wedding photographer, I often see a bride for the first time on her big day in her 'prep space.'  The room where her and all of her girlfriends do hair and make-up and eat breakfast and sip mimosas together.  It's a room where many hours are spent, laughs are shared, and photos are taken.  Most venues offer a bridal room for just this occasion, but so often, I advise brides not to use the space supplied.  

This room is where hundreds of photos are taken and make-up is applied.  This is not a time for small dark rooms, or basements.  It's not a time for cramming 8 people into one tiny hotel room.  It's not a time for fluorescent lights either.  Both your make-up artist and photographer will thank you if there is at least one area of natural window light.  

We've all been there, we do our hair and make-up and look great under our bathroom fluorescence, but then we get in the car and wonder what happened?  Natural soft window light is the most flattering light to anyone.  It's not that your photographer can't take photos in the basement of your church venue, or that you'll hate every photo taken in the crowded messy hotel room.  

We want you to look amazing on your wedding day and feel that way when you view your photographs.  Utilizing even one window can make or break the prep space photographs.  The tiny details of your amazing eyelashes.  The loving hands looping every button down your wedding gown.  The tears in your mom's eyes as she realizes that her baby girl is a grown up.  

So I plead with you, as your wedding photographer, as does EVERY wedding photographer...please look into your prep space.  Consider if everyone will have space.  Consider if your hair and make-up artist can each set up a station.  Think if your ballroom gown can be put on without having to kick bags and food and boxes out of the way.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We've MOVED! Ellijay, GA Photographer

     It happened.  We moved.  I can't believe it.  Our family has up and relocated to the North Georgia area and we couldn't be more excited, scared, nervous, or happy!  Indiana was a great home for us to start our adult lives, buy our first home, and bring 3 children into the world.  I started this business and built it into something that I am so very proud of.  I love and will miss all of the clients that I have gotten to know through the years and hope to visit and work with many of you again!  So now, as I work on building my business all over again, I'm starting fresh.  I'm becoming a full service photographer!  After every session you'll still receive a full web gallery to view your images.  You'll still see the same style of work, but you may see less images overall.  Viewing 100+ images of slightly different expressions or poses can be too much.  Think of going to a restaurant and being handed a 15 page menu full of every type of food imaginable.  It's overwhelming!!  So now you'll receive a gallery of the best of the best.  You can rest assured that I have gone through every image taken and selected the images that make everyone look the best.  You can then go through the images and decide what you want to print, what belongs on the wall, and what belongs on your Facebook page.  No more searching for the best location to print your images, no more wondering how they'll turn out and if they'll last.  Photos belong on the wall, not on a USB stuck in a drawer.
     So to kick off the new location, I forced my cousin to come along with me and let me photograph her (a starbucks bribe may have been involved).  So here's to Georgia, new adventures, fresh faces, and the Smoky Mountains!