Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Baby N

Well I'm a little behind on blogging...but this little guy warrants a blog post anyways.  A few months ago I bought a plane ticket to head down to FL to be there for my BFF's first birth.  Her due date was early August...I should have known better than to plan for baby's LATE arrival.  You see me and this friend are a little too much alike.  We both are VERY efficient workers.  So efficient in fact that we both make beautiful babies in 38 weeks or less.  40 weeks?  Who needs it!  So he arrived early.  After some work we got my flight changed and baby Owen and I headed south!

This little baby boy is an absolute DOLL baby and I know his mom and dad are smitten by him.  I'm so glad that you guys are (FINALLY) ;) parents!  Welcome to the best, most exhausting, trying, joyful, fun, crazy ride of your life!  I hope you two bring many more beautiful babies into the kids could use some competition right!  hah!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hankster the Gangster

If you follow me on facebook, you've probably already seen these, but the are cute enough to see again too.  Hank's mom and I planned this shoot out for a few weeks and waited for perfect weather to head out to a great little local town.  Happy 2nd Birthday Hank!  I have so LOVED watching you grow up from this...

to this....


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rebecca Laurel Photography

Why am I re-branding?  Why am I changing names?  Why am I going in a new direction?

I have asked myself these questions SO many times over the past six months.  I have the unique blessing of doing what I LOVE for a job.  Many people are forced to work in jobs where they are un-happy and dread working.  I get to look forward to what I do.  I get excited for photo-shoots.  I love scouring Pinterest for ideas and inspiration on how to make a photo-shoot more unique and memorable.
I recently stopped doing that.  I stopped getting EXCITED about photo shoots.  The inspiring creativity was drained out of it.  Don't get me wrong, I still loved photographing and editing and doing all of those things...but I found myself DRAWN to the photo-shoots that had more thought and planning behind them.  I was drawn to photos with props and discussions over what to wear and do.  I'm drawn to DRAMA! Photography is my way to express creativity and I guess it's like a drug...and i need a higher high!  I would look at blog pages or other photographers' websites and salivate at all of the little details and the STORIES TOLD!  They weren't just good was a story.  And what's we all look at those types of pictures on Pinterest, and we pin and re-pin...but we never do!  Why don't we DO?  It's like we have imaginary lives of creativity on Pinterest but they become this un-attainable haven of home-made sweets and photos of perfectly behaved model-children where we re-use everything down to grocery bags?!  But I have a secret!  Those photographs...aren't that hard.  AND...the one photo that has been re-pinned 800x of a glorious child frolicking through a field of purple flowers...was surrounded by 200 clicks of a screaming, kicking, complaining, grumpy, messy-faced kid.  But that's OK!  If we want the photos that are worthy of printing onto a 20x30 canvas and hanging on our living room wall, we have to invest time, and energy, and maybe even some cold hard cash.  In the end...all photos are a story, but I want to create and document life as the beautiful fairy tale that it is.  It's glorious, it's bright, it's beautiful, it's DRAMATIC!
So my re-brand is this...My photo-shoots will be 'styled'...which is a fancy way of saying that if you don't want to put time and effort into planning your photos, I'm probably not the photographer for you.  My photo-shoots will tell a story.  My photo-shoots will be dramatic and detailed.  My photo-shoots still apply to any age and stage of life...they may take more time but I can guarantee that you will be happy with your investment.  I don't think anyone looks back and says 'man!  i wish i had been less creative.'
So I hope you understand now why my business is changing.  I hope you can see why and where I'm going with this.  I hope you will see the investment in your family and their memories as worthwhile. I hope that you will contact me and we can dream up an amazing story for your family!