Friday, August 12, 2016

Baby Owen (Ellijay family photographer)

My littlest baby, is no longer a baby.  We filled out the forms, and signed the documents, paid the fees and are sending him to pre-k.  It's a little heart breaking.  Actually, it's soul crushing.  those tiny little hands that I held 4 years ago are much bigger now.  They play with legos and color pages.  The tiny fingers hold big boy cups and utensils.  He sleeps in a big bed and no longer by my side. (well, ok, maybe sometimes he snuggles)  The same deep blue eyes still look at me though.  They cry out for mommy when he's scared or needs more juice.  They smile and say 'you're my mommy.'  This little boy's umbilical cord will never be fully cut, and I'm ok with that, except it's about to be stretched REALLY far three times a week.  Four hours at a time. Five and a half miles away.

But not today.  Today isn't his first day yet, and we are soaking up our last days with just the two of us at home.  We watch shows snuggled on the couch, and share bags of chips.  We go to Chik fil A and slide and play.  He drinks my coffee drinks from Starbucks and begs for milkshakes.  We also explore the downtown area of our new home, and look at all of the old antiques and he begs me for just one more toy car.  So today I documented our walk.  This hammy little boy is a mess, but he's my mess.  He's one part his daddy, one part his mommy, and one million parts boy.  Happy (early) 4th Birthday my Owen-a.  My beebee.  My creek monkey.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Wedding Tips Pt.2 - Flowers ( ellijay, GA wedding photographer )

So you've selected your date, and venue, and even the groom.  ;) Now you have to start planning the details and the what the theme, colors, and overall feel of your wedding will be.  Flowers are one thing that can go such a long way in creating a luxurious atmosphere.  But how do you justify hundreds or thousands of dollars on something that will fade away and die so quickly.  So many brides immediately go to fake flowers across the board, saving money to spend it in other more important ways.  While I've been impressed by the look and quality of many fake flower bouquets throughout my wedding photography days, I always feel like brides can be better served and informed with how to spend money where it matters, and save in others.  So I'm going to tell you a few secrets.  

Make your bridal bouquet beautiful.  Get what you've always envisioned.  Scour bridal magazines and Pinterest, and invest a few hundred in what you really want.  It is YOUR day after all.

 Your flowers should be an accessory to make you feel gorgeous and amazing.  They should bring a pop of color to your amazing white gown.  Invest accordingly.  As for the bridesmaids; their bouquets are important as well, but not nearly as much as yours, so this is an area where pennies can be pinched.  If you opt for all real flowers, get less expensive florals.  Get similar or complimentary colors, but they don't need the succulents or deep colored roses that may be in yours.  A bouquet made of carnations or babies breath with little pops of wild flowers would work just as well for the bridesmaids.  This specific bride chose stalks of lavender for her girls and it was absolutely beautiful!

 Another popular option for bouquets is to go against the grain entirely and utilize jewels and brooches.  This bride chose to use heirloom pieces that she already had so it was incredibly affordable.  For some this may be a more expensive option, but it is something that can last forever and carry so much meaning.
While large flowing bouquets do seem to be the 'trend' right now, they are often not an option for many brides.  Keep in mind that well placed and well done small bouquets make just as much of an impact.  This intimate destination wedding with mountain charm didn't call for anything huge or ornate but they worked perfectly with the dresses and the venue.

When it comes to decorating your venue, if blanketing the table in real flowers isn't in the budget, don't be afraid to go fake here.  The decorations on your table are simply there for decoration and adding visual interest to the room.  They won't be up front and center in hundreds of photos.  Most receptions are dimly lit and decor details can go un-noticed by many guests.  Buying fake flowers for centerpieces and aisle runners is an excellent way to save your cash for that awesome dress, or amazing wedding photographer instead.  ;)

 Something else to consider in your bouquet choice is to use your wedding colors.  While white flowers appear to look amazing in that shop window or catalog, they often fade into nothing against an all white dress.  Bridesmaids can carry that white tone into your ceremony with their flowers, keep your own bright and vibrant! If you do adore that white on white look, break up the white with pale pink or bright greenery!

And lastly, your photographer will love you more if you get a gorgeous bouquet.  Remember, just about every photo of you and your groom, includes that bouquet.  You'll carry it around all day, and it will enhance the colors and feel of every image taken that day.  Remember that and you'll feel good about any money spent on your own flowers.

(plus I can adorn my bag in down times and take awesome leather and flower photos, but that's just me.)