Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 the year of change (Ellijay, GA photographer)

Twenty Sixteen.  It was a great year for my business.  I was a full time full blown wedding photographer.  I didn't second shoot as much as I had in the past because I was so busy with my own work.  I formed relationships with amazing couples and followed along with others that began to expand their own families.  We moved our own family to a different state and I was faced with re-doing my business from square one.  I'm still faced with it but I'm excited for the new environment and people.  I also was rocked by a hard drive failure that cost me more than words can say both personally and through my business.  I want to post this as a year end wrap up.  It was such a great year for so many reasons, and I don't want the negative to overshadow everything good that DID happen.  I witnessed so many vows being said, and so many lives grow and change.  I stood by while parents said goodbye to their babies, and I watched babies become toddlers.  This, is my 2016.  Thank you for trusting me and working with me.  Thank you for being a client to a small business owner.  Thank you for valuing real photography.