Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vann + Jessica (Maggie Valley North Carolina Destination Wedding Photographer)

Let's discuss this cute couple, shall we?  I have known them both since HS in Orlando, FL.  When I found out that they were dating, I was excited for them, when I saw the engagement, I was thrilled, and when I got the message stating that they were getting married in the hills of North Carolina and wanted me to travel and photograph their day, I stepped outside of my skin.  I am truly honored for the opportunity to be one of few people that got to spend the whole weekend with these two as they tied their knot.  The weather threatened all day, but in the end, it cleared out and they were blessed with a [slightly cold] wonderful evening.  So here's to your marriage, may it last forever!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Peter + Sarah Belle of Louisville Wedding ( Louisville Wedding Photographer)

This beautiful wedding took place on the Belle of Louisville.  Such a different venue for me but so much fun too!  We ended up with a beautiful day, surrounded by warm light and a constant breeze, beautiful ever changing views, and ended the day with surprise fireworks as we docked.  I loved working with this couple and their laid back style, vintage feel, and just all around awesomeness!  The wedding day was such a great family affair with the bride's own brother as the officiant, and so much family history on the Belle itself.