Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Urban Family (New Albany Indiana Family Photographer)

This family is one that I have photographed before.  Mrs. J is an up and coming photographer in her own right...although just a hobbyist it's been so much fun to watch her learn and grow in her skill and talent.  Her family is absolutely gorgeous and I had a lot of fun working with them, weaving our way through the alley ways and streets, sidewalk cafe's and dumpsters.  Next time you are trying to pick a spot for your family photos, consider using a downtown urban scene...they'll push your photographer to get creative, and give you something different!

I'm sure her mom disagrees, but is this girl a senior yet so i can dedicate 2 hours to photographing her?! hah! Gorgeous...she loves the camera and it loves her back!

I know that most teen guys aren't the biggest fan of having their photos taken...and i don't think that these guys are excluded from that group...but photogenic!

Gettin' Hitched (southern indiana wedding photographer)

Well that's odd...Wedding photographer!  But that's me...yep...I'm officially launching my wedding business.  I've been back and forth on whether or not to 'do' weddings for a while now.  If I did it...I wanted to do it right.  I wanted to feel comfortable with my skill and consistently deliver great images...which I think I can finally do! Not that I don't make mistakes...but that's why we have photoshop right?! hah!
So here is a sneak of my first bride's mini-engagement session.  If you are in the Indiucky area, ahem...Kentuckiana area and are in need of a wedding photographer...hit me up!  My first few brides get amazing offers and specials!
How sweet are these two?!  I can't wait to see their wedding next summer...

Engaged! (Louisville Engagement Photographer)

This beautiful actually related to me!  Don't ask me how...first cousins of my husband...i think? maybe? Families are complicated...but what ISN'T complicated is this couple!  Whilst trying to expand my horizons and work with adults more often in my photography, I approached Ms. S and asked if I could have the pleasure of doing some photos of her and her beau...she happily agreed and the rest is history...because this was like 4 weeks ago people...i'm so behind on blogging!
I can't wait to go to their wedding...the church...the's going to be amazing!

girls just wanna have fun

I got together with all of these girls, twins, their momma, and an exchange student from Spain!  How fun!  :)
After an afternoon at the salon they were all lookin' pretty rockin' with their hair all done up with curls.  You girls look amazing and I had a great time photographing you all!

The Crafty Polkadot and her family {Clarksville family photographer}

This lady is one of the craftiest (is that a word?) people I know!  She makes amazing little keychains and camera strap covers and shirts and even made her baby's whole bed set which looked AMAZING!
check her out here and then check out her amazingly cute family of boys!

the boys, like most young boys, are a little in love with the Avengers.  I'm in love with this version of them...

Fall Family (henryville, indiana photographer)

How adorable is this little family!?  I love families with kids that are close in me biased but I think it's best to have all the kids in one big's rough in the early years but it will pay off in the end...right?  hello? ...i hope it does!