Saturday, February 22, 2014

All because two people fell in love *southern indiana family photographer*

You've all seen this lovely family plenty of times before.  Their son is what I call, my 'pinterest star.'  I get emails every time something is re-pinned, and more often than's this kid....

He's gorgeous.
He's sweet.
He's full of character for SURE.
His family is also awesome.
and they have made another the girl version.
I can't wait to meet this baby girl!!!

I agree with she here yet?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby A Southern Indiana newborn photographer

It happened.

a baby girl has been born.

and I have photographed her.

I don't get a lot of newborn girls.  I'm not sure where I put in my info for people to only call me if they have a boy, lol, but that's been the way of it.  Not that I don't love baby boys, but a girl needs some froo-froo sometimes!

This little girl reminds me so much of my baby girl when she was born, jet black hair, and lots of it!  She is absolutely precious and her mommy and daddy have a lot of work ahead of them!  Thank you for letting me into your home to photograph this sweet sweet baby!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pregnant, Gorgeous and proud of it!

I had the AWESOME honor of photographing a good friend and co-photographer of mine a few weeks ago.  She is the reason that I have gotten into weddings and has helped me learn so much in that venue through second shooting with her.  Crystal is the owner of Acquired Photography and she does amazing work with couples!  However, her other 'side project' has been cooking this baby girl of hers, and she has finally sat down in the down season to do so.
The best of intentions to create an outdoor session were beaten down by the ridiculously cold and long winter we've had up here, so lifestyle it was!  Lifestyle sessions are one of my favorites though because everyone just feels more at home, in their own home.  No pressure to pose or act, just relax, kick your shoes off, and smile.
Her beautiful little family just built and moved into this beautiful little (big) house and are awaiting the birth of daughter #2.  Show some love for this girl that is pregnant, and loving it.  I love a woman that embraces her pregnant body for what it is, a power-house of human creation!

The Boy DUO

What is sweeter than twins?
I've been honored to photograph twin boys two times, and while they can be a whole different type of challenge, it's a welcome one because these sweet poses are just to die for!
After spending 9 months in a uterus with somebody, I guess you get used to being poked and prodded and getting a foot in the face.  These boys fell asleep so well side by side but we first had to give what each baby is due, and that's their own moment in the spotlight!


Long Unending Winter

Well it's still winter.  It's been winter for a while now.  

...I'm over it.

The snow was pretty.
It's not anymore.
I've slipped on ice more times than I can count.  I miss the color green.  I miss the sunshine feeling WARM.
I miss temperatures starting with a number larger than 3.
BUT...Winter has been good to me and my business.  I have had a good mixture of down time, and busy time.  I've snuggled with my kids more and not done as much editing at the computer.
Sessions have been widely varied from photographing a local band, to a newborn baby of a friend in the hospital.  So here is a little snapshot of my winter season...cold, but productive!