Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Effective May 1, 2015....

I'm making a big change.  This change is something I've thought about for a long time.
I love photography and it speaks to me.  I hope that images that I've captured throughout the years speak to my clients too.  I hope that they have walls that are burdened with picture frames and canvas.  I hope they look back on photographs and they smile, re-live the moment, and are filled with joy.  In this digital age, we can take photographs with our smartphones.  We can take them every day.  We lose so much of the appreciation for good, quality images.  I want to reach out to the people that want something different.  People who still see the value in investing in photography.  People who will take a digital image.....and print it.
In an effort to show people what photography is all about, I am changing the way I operate.  I typically give all of the edited images from a session to a client.  I send them a link to a gallery and they are often overwhelmed with anywhere from 25-200 images of their session.  They purchase a USB, I send it in the mail...and those images will often stay on the USB.  Overwhelming choices stop us.  Looking at 100 images and picking 2 or 3 to print, is chaotic.  Printing is so final.  So we don't.

I am going to stop just handing over all of the images.

I want my clients to walk away with their favorite, most poignant images...and that's all.

I want my clients to maybe even order a canvas immediately because they NEED it on their wall.

I want my clients to tell me what they love, and what they don't so much, because it makes me work harder.

So as of May 1st, any session booked, any deposits paid, will fall under the new pricing structure.  I hope you understand why I am doing this and can appreciate it.