Friday, March 27, 2015

Miss Molly is ONE (Southern Indiana family photographer) (cake smash alternative)

So Little Miss Molly was my first 'Watch Me Grow' package.  I have photographed this doll baby every 3 months from birth to her first birthday.  I visited her in the hospital as soon as she was born, and I watched her devour her cake at her birthday party.  She is such a cute little girly and I hope I can continue to photograph her sweet face and (slightly less) chubby legs :)

For her 'typical one year photos,' her mother and I decided to do something less typical.  Momma wanted to opt out of the cake, but still do something fun and messy.  But before you gasp and wonder why we let this baby eat's not paint.  It's dyed yogurt.  So this was all a little harmless fun!